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Testimonial 1


"In order to discover the magic and power of "Intentional Creativity" Birgit guided us on how to find peace in ourselves and from that act powerfully on behalf of others and through this help create much greater peace in the world.


We created our individual “prayer flags” and attached them with a red thread to one single piece of art/ prayer for peace.


This part was not only fun, but also nurtured our souls through creativity."  

- Participant of the "Story Cards" workshop

Testimonial 2


"With this "painting meditation", I was able to unveil questions and answers, insights, certainties, and bring these to the canvas. These were probably long hidden in the depth of my soul, waiting to be accessed. Through the brush, a dialog in shapes and colors was initiated with my inner self. The result has truly surprised and touched me. 

I am truly grateful to have experienced this thanks to you Birgit. 

You understood to guide us with much sensitivity, attention and poesy through a remarkable painting and writing process, imbedded in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. 

I am impatient to participate in future workshops and to continue my journey to my inner self. "


- Participant of the 2 day "Compass" workshop

Testimonial 3


'Doing the workshops with Birgit were fantastic. I had never heard of these workshops or types of painting classes before and I was eager to try it out. I found the painting and the processes involved to be a great tool for self-reflection and as I am in a point in my life where there is a lot of change and uncertainty, I found this activity to be very beneficial. Through these methods, I felt like I learned a lot about myself and it was as though my subconscious thoughts and feelings were surfaced through the paintings. I would highly recommend this to anyone who might be stressed or anxious and wants to relieve their worries. Even more so, I would recommend this for anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves and get in touch with their inner thoughts and feelings.'


Thank you again!

                                                                            - Participant of the story card and dream job workshops

Testimonial 4 

I found the art therapy workshops with Birgit to be therapeutic and an amazing reflective tool. I felt the whole process I was taken through helped guide me down the path of self-discovery. I left these workshops with a clearer understanding of what I want to do and thus I can highly recommend these classes to anyone who has conflicted thoughts or aspirations like myself.

Many thanks,

      - Participant of the story card and dream job workshops

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