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I am 61 years old today and although I actually wanted to study art and psychology after graduating from high school, my parents said at the time that law would be a safer career choice, one that could actually earn me money, and so I followed that advice.

For the first few years I was able to establish references to art in my studies and at work, including my doctorate, which I did in the field of art law. Over time however, I lost the connection to art in my daily work, and after the death of both my parents in quick succession and a simultaneous restructuring at the office, accompanied with a bullying situation, I came to a point in my life where I could no longer go on.

My burn-out gave me the opportunity to deal more in depth with myself and the question, "Who am I truely?", "What are my true wishes and desires?". I tried a number of approaches, but when I "accidentally" came accross the Intentional Creativity® painting process online, I was so "blown away" by the information that opened up for me and how profoundly it changed my life that I started training as a Intentional Creativity® teacher myself. Since then I have experienced deep inner fulfillment by leading workshops and individual coaching, helping people find their inner wisdom, which shows me - especialy thanks to the heartwarming feedback from my participants - that this is truely my purpose in life.

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