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Intentional Creativity is a creative process that includes various modalities.

The core element is painting, i.e. let the brush bring color to the canvas or paper without having to have any painting skills or experience at all. The more inexperienced you are in handling brushes and paint, the more authentic and intuitive the results are.

Other modalities include: setting an intention, self-reflection through writing processes, guided visualization processes, as well as collages, drawing, etc.

It is not a purely energetic work and yet we change energy in the process of painting or drawing. Build-up energy can flow freely again and the painting process can have a direct and immediate healing effect.

But above all, this process allows you to gain information from your subconscious.

Of course you can discuss problems with friends or even your best friend, but this can only be done on a rational level and the knowledge gained stays only on this mental level.

The Intentional Creativity process, on the other hand, reveals our own wishes and inner desires in a much clearer way. It's about our inner wisdom, which is held on a subconscious or even unconscious level, and is ready to be discovered. Just like a gold digger digs for gold, pieces of gold from your inner wisdom are revealed through this process. The process allows for the left and right hemispheres of the brain to connect and thus allowing access to your soul.

This not only brings about clarity, but often also magical messages that the picture conveys  through symbols, the meaning of which is often only revealed later and which changes you and your life.

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